The Tolemac Chronicles

The Tolemac Chronicles

Once in a while comes a tale of heroism that lifts you out of the mundane and into the magical worlds beyond. Such are the Tolemac Chronicles and the adventures of Viviane.

In this epic seven book series, follow as Viviane embarks upon her journey as a shy schoolgirl doing her best to fit in and make friends at High School. We see her struggles with that, both in her inner world and the outer world, and we watch as what she comes to realise is that life can be very cruel when the kids around you decide that they don’t like you.

Refusing to accept their label, Viviane goes her own way. In the back of her mind she hears the siren call and simply cannot resist being drawn towards a world and a way of life that is very different to the one that most people live in. It promises much, but change is scary, and it is always so much easier to stay in your familiar way of life.  Her best friend Glenda, who has also heard the siren call, provides the love and support that she misses so much in other parts of her life, and her cat Cinnamon is the friend that she needs at home.

Viviane and Glenda discover that they are not alone: they meet some kindred spirits who are drawn to the same path as them but who are much, much further along it than they are. They help the girls to see things more clearly and show them the way, but they are still reluctant to take the path that will lead them out of this world and into that of their new mentors. A new friend Vicky joins the team and takes part in the same journey that they are now on.

When the girls finally do summon the courage, Viviane has an amazing time dealing with everything that comes her way. Wonderful experiences and learnings, but also dangerous people and places, like the time when she confronts death when her boyfriend tries to murder her. Yet always there is a higher power watching over her, and so safely through the danger she comes, wiser and stronger. Her new realisation that she is strong and protected opens up seemingly endless possibilities for her.

As the girls enter the later stages of the Chronicles, Viviane is sorely tested in ways that she never imagined, but what she learns along the path is so enlightening. The knowledge that she gains is a great gift but also a great responsibility because now she knows what her mission in life must be, and what a wonderful mission it is. Join Viviane on her journey.

Purchase your copy of the first book in the series today. The Bravehearts of Belgrave High, was released in March, 2016 in eBook format. Our printed version will be available later in the year, and once it is we will be sending a copy to every library in Australia if you’d like to read it prior to purchasing it.

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The Tolemac Chronicles are produced to raise funds for the Loving Heart Foundation. Click here to find out more about the Foundation.


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