The Bravehearts of Belgrave High

Book One of The Tolemac Chronicles series

The Bravehearts of Belgrave High rs


The Bravehearts of Belgrave High

Once in a while comes a tale of heroism that lifts you out of the mundane and into magical worlds beyond. Such are the Tolemac Chronicles and the exploits of our heroine Viviane.

Let’s face it, growing up has never been easy. Finding your way on that difficult journey between childhood and adulthood can be a lonely experience. Especially if you feel that you are different from other people, left desperately wondering where you fit in. The Chronicles explore these experiences as they follow the journey of Viviane, our teenage heroine.

In novel one, The Bravehearts of Belgrave High, we meet the teenage Viviane as she comes to terms with going to a High School for the very bright. Feeling like a misfit, school is a tough place to be, but home is even harder with an abusive father and controlling mother.

Luckily, Viviane has one saving grace – she has a rich inner life that she keeps safe from harm. It allows her to go deep within and travel to worlds beyond this one. Magical worlds full of colour and wonder. At first she is confused, but then it dawns on her that these experiences are a gift that can make her strong and wise, able to deal with anything that life can throw at her.


Pacey and full of wit, this whimsical yet gripping adventure has a cast of likeable characters who might just remind you of yourself. Meeting troubles head-on, triumphing, learning, growing. It’s what every teen who is growing up in a dysfunctional home needs to hear.

Viviane is a lanky, shy teenager. Painfully aware of being tall, she feels altogether out of step with the other girls. But that’s not the main problem. The abuse at home fills her with the desire to escape, so she looks for reasons not to go home after school. Her love of dancing becomes a big part of her life, as does playing in the school band and spending time reading at the library after school.

It is her first year at High School and Viviane meets Glenda, a confident and happy girl who becomes a close friend and a major stabilising force in Viviane’s life. Their friendship is based on the many things they have in common. Neither girl really fits in, but now that they have each other, neither one feels the need to fit in.

Viviane is a bright girl who has the potential to excel, but for her, school is just a way to pass the time. She tolerates her classes by sharing her quick witted humour with Glenda, which helps to keep her from dying of boredom. She despises the mental straight-jacket the teachers try to impose…. so stifling and unimaginative! Fortunately there is one class that grabs her attention though, and the man who teaches it is so interesting that he inspires her to listen intently and learn everything that he has to say.

Her mind is hungry for learning and despite the boredom of her academic classes, she finds a way to satisfy her hunger for learning by studying more esoteric and mystical topics. That’s what she and Glenda have in common – a fascination with other-worldly ideas. It makes them both come alive.

Until now, there has been no teacher in Viviane and Glenda’s life who can deepen their interest and advance their knowledge of these things. Consequently, the girls feel a bit lost and their studies appear to be coming to a dead end. That is, until they meet a unique woman named Eleanor who has incredible and mystifying abilities and who becomes their magical mentor.

Past experience has taught the teens that reality is never quite what it seems. Their new mentor confirms this and shows the girls just how amazing these hidden worlds are. Eleanor also hints at what can happen when someone truly knows how to control reality. Thus, Viviane and Glenda are introduced to empowering knowledge that heightens their perception of reality. However, before Viviane will be able to use that power she must first triumph over herself and her own adversities.

School also has its nasty side. A group of bullies from the same year as the girls have decided that they love to hurt others, and they’re out to get Viviane. They tease and throw insults, causing her pain and embarrassment. In June though, a new friend comes into their lives. Vicky is a technology nerd who has a deep intuitive knowing of science and mathematics, and who can create ways of brewing up a few little tricks of her own. With Vicky on the team, those classmates who think that being a bully is cool will learn a lesson or two in novel two!

Join Viviane on her adventure as she rediscovers a forgotten dimension and finds her power. Follow her as she enters that dimension every night when she passes through the threshold of sleep. Feel her emotions as the world that she lives in and the realm that she uncovers makes her yearn for a place and time that tantalises and calls her from just beyond her reach. Share in her dreams, her thoughts, and her unlikely allies as they join together – much inspired by her trusted school teacher Mr. Williams – to find this special place and unlock its meaning.

Join Viviane in The Bravehearts of Belgrave High and purchase your copy today in print and ebook. Look for it in your school library in the coming months.

The Tolemac Chronicles are produced to raise funds for the Loving Heart Foundation. Click here to find out more about the Foundation.

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